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Slatine, small fisheries and touristic place, is located on island Ciovo, only 7km away from Trogir. Island Ciovo is connected to Trogir by bridge, so it is possible to come in Slatine by car. Here, you can find all necessary for pleasant vacation (authentic restautants, grocery shops, bars...). There are also fields for football, basketball and boching for those enjoying in sports.
Clear sea and gravel beaches, spreading along the coast of Slatine, and then continuing to the south part of the island perform a miraculous ring of attractive places for ideal rest and relaxation.
The beaches located eastern from Slatine are specially attractive, no matter if you are looking for a long pebble beaches full of people, or small isolated places offering full privacy.



Trogir (lat. Tragurion) is typical Dalmatian town, ranked on the UNESCO protection list of historic places because of its old part originating from Roman-Greek period. You can enter in town through south gate (XVI cent.) from seaside or north gate (XVII cent.) Among cultural monuments cathedral of St.Lovre is one of the most famous. Trogir has three towers, and one of them, Kamerlengo (XIII-XV cent.) gives special visual identity to this town.
Numerous old palaces and houses of noble inhabitants from XIII-XV cent. period, churches, monasteries and museums are placed in many small narrow streets and squares. A lots of restaurants, bars, galleries, gifts-shops, and also cultural and music manifestations give Trogir special Mediterranean atmosphere during evening hours. Standing in front of the old sailboats, moored in port on south part of old town, nothing is left to the man, but to admire. In the port you can also see numerous boats and skimmers because ACI nautical marine is placed close to the centre of Trogir.
For those who don't want to lose any minutes of their holidays without amusement, they can continue with night life in one of discotheques placed at outskirts of Trogir, or in nearer surroundings (that is to say, Sibenik and Primosten by one and Split by other side are very close to Trogir, so their cultural and amusement contents are on yours disposal.


Split (lat. Aspalathos) is cultural and touristy centre of middle Dalmatia, 20km from Trogir, so if you stay for your vacation in Slatine, you can use one afternoon for sightseeing this ancient, by cultural monuments rich town.
During the summer, town is plentiful by various cultural manifestations and also by numerous places for nocturnal pleasures. The inhabitants are real Mediterranean people, very noisy, vivacious, but so friendly.
Diocletian palace (III-IV cent.) takes central place in Split, and even nowadays, it is real heart of town with many palaces from later periods, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, bars, night-clubs, etc.